Modified: April 5, 2021

SDR Live Webinar Schedule & Registration

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The Seismic Design Review Live Webinars are presented by Steven T. Hiner, MS, SE. The Live Webinars communicate the same material and offers a similar learning experience to the Live Seminars without the stress of long commutes or the additional distractions of a classroom environment. The Live Webinars also provide question and answer sessions. Because of the amount of material covered in each webinar session, the Q&A sessions are limited, but most questions can typically be addressed.

Seismic Design Review Workbook

The SDR Workbook IS NOT included with the price of the SDR Live Webinars

To participate in the SDR Live Webinars you will need the Seismic Design Review Workbook - 2018 IBC/ASCE 7-16 version, which can be ordered on the SDR Workbook page

More questions? Check the SDR FAQs page for the answers.

First Time Exam Candidates

It is strongly recommended that first time candidates of the California Civil PE Special Seismic Principles Examination attend all five weeks of the scheduled Live Webinars to best prepare for the seismic principles examination. 

Spring 2021 SDR Live Webinar Schedule and Registration

Similar to the Fall 2020 & Winter 2021 SDR Live Webinars, the Spring 2021 SDR Live Webinars will be a hybrid of the 2020 SDR On-Demand Webinars with added question and answer (Q&A) live webinars offered twice a week for five weeks. Each participant will create an on-demand account. Each week a lecture consisting of 8 videos will be added to that on-demand account and those videos are to be viewed during that week and the homework assignment completed for that lecture. The Q&A live webinars will occur on each Tuesday evening and Saturday morning for a total of five weeks, to answer any questions on the lecture and homework assigned for that week. A one week break will occur between Week #2 and Week #3 to allow participants time to catchup with the material presented in On-Demand Lecture #3. The last Tuesday Q&A live webinar will discuss 55 practice problems while the last Saturday Q&A live webinar will present a final review of selected multiple-choice problems, the Test Plan, poll questions, "recommended" exam strategy, and a discussion of the Appendix E - Sample Exam #1, Appendix G - Sample Exam #2, and the online CBT sample exam.

It is important that everyone registering for the Spring 2021 SDR Live Webinars be aware that this course will follow a strict schedule, similar to the Live (in person) Seminars, and it is essential that each participant keep up with the pace of the course to get the most out of the Q&A live webinars.

Those who prefer to study at their own pace should purchase the 2020 SDR On-Demand Webinars and visit the On-Demand Registration page for additional information.

All Q&A Live Webinar Sessions - All 5 Weeks (25 hours)
Days: Tuesday evenings & Saturday mornings
Dates: May 4, 8, 11, 15, 25, 29, June 1, 5, 8 & 12, 2021
Time: Tuesdays - 7 pm to 9 pm / Saturdays - 9 am to 12 pm (PST)
Cost: $585