Modified: October 8, 2018

2018 CA Civil Seismic Principles Exam Survey

Your Comments and Feedback are Important

It is your comments and feedback that help us evaluate the effectiveness of the live webinars, live seminars, and on-demand webinars and continue to improve them from exam to exam. Please take a few moments to provide feedback regarding the SDR course that you used to prepare for the 2018 CA Civil Seismic Principles exam. Your response to the survey is important and will be completely confidential.

1. Name (or initials)  

2. Which course did you attend?  

3. Did you take the 2018 Special Civil Seismic Principles examination?  

4. If you answered "Yes" above, did you pass this exam?  

5. Approximately how many hours, outside of live webinars, live seminars, or on-demand webinars, did you study for the Seismic Principles examination (e.g., hours spent on homework, working on practice problems, etc.)?



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Thank you for participating in the Seismic Design Review course, and for providing your valuable input on this survey.