Modified: March 18, 2018

SDR On-Demand Purchase Options

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The NEW 2018 Seismic Design Review On-Demand Webinars will consist of videos recorded from the Live Webinars offered in March 2018.

The webinars are presented by Steven T. Hiner, MS, SE. The On-Demand Webinars communicate the same material and offer a similar learning experience to the Live Seminars without the stress of long commutes, the additional distractions of a classroom environment, or the need to be available on specific dates and specific times to participate.

Seismic Design Review Workbook

The SDR Workbook is NOT included with the price of the SDR On-Demand Webinars

To participate in the On-Demand Webinars you will need the Seismic Design Review Workbook - 2015 IBC/ASCE 7-10 version, which can be ordered on the SDR Workbook page

Course Outline

Click here for a list of the SDR Workbook chapters (or sections numbers) that are covered in each of the four lectures.

More questions? Check the SDR FAQs page for the answers.

On-Demand Demo Video

On-Demand Library

First Time Exam Candidates

It is strongly recommended that first time candidates of the California Civil PE Special Seismic Principles Examination purchase and view the On-Demand Webinars - ALL Lectures to best prepare for the seismic principles examination. 


An On-Demand purchase for access to ALL lectures, or any lecture from the a la carte section below, will provide streaming access for the number of hours purchased only. It DOES NOT provide "unlimited" access to the content purchased.

Therefore, a purchase of the On-Demand lecture(s) is not unlike attending the Live Seminars or participating in the Live Webinars where "unlimited" access is not available for those options either. But the On-Demand option will provide you with access to the content (for the number of hours purchased) to be viewed on your schedule to view as little or as much of a lecture that you want to view at any time (i.e., 24/7 access).

Prior to making an On-Demand purchase, please view the SDR On-Demand Demon Video above which clarifies the purchase options, viewing controls, and streaming time restrictions. And do not worry, the actual On-Demand video content is not as "boring" as the demo video.

BPELSG will be using the NEW seismic principles Test Plan in 2018 starting with the 2nd quarter continuous testing exams. As a result, Live Webinars WILL be offered in Late February and March 2018 and recorded to create the 2018 On-Demand Webinar content, eventually replacing the 2017 On-Demand Webinar content.

An item by item comparison of the new Test Plan to the previous Test Plan indicates that they are essentially the same for content but the new Test Plan is presented in a more understandable format and splits content area III (Seismic Forces) into two areas - III (Seismic Forces: Building Structures) and IV (Seismic Forces: Non-Building Structures, Components, and Equipment), and adjusts the percentages of all content areas slightly. As a result, the new Test Plan WILL NOT require any changes in the SDR Workbook or how the material is presented in the Live Seminars, Live Webinars, or On-Demand Webinars other than making reference to the new Test Plan in the presentations.

CA civil PE candidates wanting to take the seismic principles exam in April or early May of 2018 should consider purchasing the 2017 On-Demand Webinars. A video will be provided to all those who purchase the 2017 SDR On-Demand content which will explain the differences between the new Test Plan and the previous Test Plan.

CA civil PE candidates wanting to take the seismic principles exam in late May or June of 2018 (or later) should consider holding off on the purchase of the webinars until the entire 2018 On-Demand Webinars ALL Lectures option is available for purchase in early April, OR as the individual a la carte lectures become available periodically through March and early April.

2018 SDR On-Demand Webinars - ALL Lectures

The 2018 SDR On-Demand Webinars - ALL Lectures is currently not available for purchase until the Live Webinars conclude at the end of March 2018.

The 2018 SDR On-Demand Webinars - ALL Lectures will include a total of 32 videos between 30 minutes and 90 minutes in length each, 8 videos per Lecture.

The SDR On-Demand videos present the material in a manner that is essentially the same as if you were to attend the SDR Live Seminars or participate in the SDR Live Webinars. The topics covered follow the same order as the SDR Live Seminars, SDR Live Webinars, and the SDR Workbook.

Save 12.5% ($75) by purchasing the 2018 SDR On-Demand Webinars - ALL Lectures option, when compared to purchasing all four Lectures from the a la carte option.

2018 SDR On-Demand Webinars - 4 Lectures (40 hours)
Cost: $525

The ALL Lectures option should be available for purchase by April 6, 2018.

A la carte 2018 SDR On-Demand Webinars

The a la carte 2018 On-Demand Webinar Lectures will consist of the same videos as the 2018 SDR On-Demand Webinars - ALL Lectures, but you may purchase each lecture individually using the Buy Now buttons below as they become available.

NOTE: Because the ALL Lecture option will not be available until early April 2018, a $75 refund will be provided after the purchase of Lecture #4 a la carte, provided Lecture #1, #2, and #3 were previously purchased.

Lecture #1 - (10 hours)
Cost: $150
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NOTE: The Lecture #1 On-Demand content begins with SDR Workbook Chapter 3. Please DO NOT start viewing the content until you have viewed the free Chapter 1 & 2 Screencast videos, links provided in the Lecture #1 confirmation email.

Lecture #2 - (10 hours)
Cost: $150

Lecture #2 should be available for purchase by March 19, 2018.

Lecture #3 - (10 hours)
Cost: $150

Lecture #3 should be available for purchase by March 28, 2018.

Lecture #4 - (10 hours)
Cost: $150

Lecture #4 should be available for purchase by April 6, 2018.