Modified: January 15, 2015

Welcome to Seismic Design Review

Seismic Design Review (SDR) provides civil engineering candidates the most comprehensive products to help them effectively prepare for the two and one-half hour Special Civil Seismic Principles portion of the California Civil Professional Engineers Examination.

For over 24 years the SDR seminars and workbook have been helping candidates prepare for the Special Civil P.E. exam. As the Special Civil Seismic Principles Exam passing statistics show, SDR seminar participants have twice the exam passing rate of those who have taken the exam without SDR's help.

SDR Intro Video for the April 2015 Exam

Seismic Design Review – Special Civil Seismic Principles Exam Preparation Products:

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Seismic Design Review Live Seminars

Taught by Steven T. Hiner, MS, SE, this 4-day (28 hour) intensive seminar series is specifically tailored for individuals who do not possess a strong background in structural analysis and/or principles of earthquake resistant design. Focusing on the review of exam specific areas, solving realistic exam-similar practice problems, along with tips and strategies, these seminars will help you effectively prepare the for the Special Civil Seismic Principles Exam.

Registration for the Live Seminars is now open, as of January 12, 2015.

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Seismic Design Review Live Webinars

The Live Webinars will be presented in the same manner as the Live Seminars, but over a period of five weeks. The Live Webinars include intensive and structured review of the important topics, problem solving practice, along with the tips and strategies that will be needed to pass the exam. The Live Webinar format allows you to ask questions and participate in the course from the convenience of your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet device.

Live Webinars WILL NOT be offered prior to the April 2015 exam. Please refer to the On-Demand Webinars option noted below.

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Seismic Design Review On-Demand Webinars

Access selected portions or all of the nearly 32 hours of Live Webinar content that was recorded prior to the April 2014 examination.

The On-Demand videos are bundled into four individual lecture modules that match the content presented in the four Live Seminar lectures.

Purchase access to ALL of the On-Demand Webinar lectures, or purchase access to individual On-Demand Webinar lectures.

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Seismic Design Review Workbook

2012 IBC (2013 CBC) version – SDR Workbooks are available. Order now!

Workbook includes lecture notes, example problems (with comprehensive solutions), more than 425 multiple choice problems (similar to the exam format), multiple choice solutions, important definitions, notations, and an index for quick access to the information you will need when taking the exam.